Friday, April 1, 2011

Hop To It!

Hey everyone! The Design Girl has been on a roll this month. Take a look at her newest release
Hop To It. Her Design team is all over this one with a blog Train.
You should have come over from Kris's blog and your next stop is Donna

Here are all the stations in order:
Andrea -
Sharon -
Emma -
Kris -
Tamara -
Donna -
Ulrika -

For my freebie I have made baby onesies, because they are so easy and fun. Hope you like them.

Download here at

Now, Hop to it!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Celebrate with River~Rose Blog train Party

Hey everyone! I am so glad you are here to celebrate with me! You probably started at River~Rose's design blog. Let me tell you a little bit about how I know her.

I started my CT gig testing actions for Wendyzine, But the 1st designer to ever let me on her team was Bobbie Smith who designs under the name of River~Rose. She is a fantastic designer and I love all of her stuff. She has depth to her talent and can design in a fun, whimsical, and colorful style. Then, the next week she may surprise us all with a cool contemporary kit, followed by a fantasy kit. She is consistent every week to not disappoint. Yesterday kicked off her 3 year digi-versary and we are all so very proud of here. Here is the kit she released last week for this big event.

She wanted to do something special and so did we (her CT). So we have all made a little freebie for her fans! Here is mine.

download it at

Next you will want to go Simona's blog to see what she has made for you.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Customer Appreciation from River~Rose

One of my favorite Designers is River~Rose. She has been crazy busy with a contest at
Digiscrapaddicts that she should have definitely won. There was a public vote but I missed it, instead I had the pleasure of being a parent volunteer for a camping trip (overnight) and was trapped in a cabin with 3rd and 5th grade girls without internet or electricity. But here is a sneak peak to her newest release that will be out Friday.
And when you go River~Roses' Blog you can leave a comment and have a chance to win.

Also because she is so sweet, and Autumn brings out the best in her she has an appreciation gift coming up on November 5th for all newsletter subscribers. She just wants to thank her customers old and and new with a fab full free kit.
To sign up for her newsletter go HERE

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Design Girl's Birthday Blog Train

I am so happy that Danielle (The Design Girl) is getting older and not me. Just kidding! You should have arrived from Kris's blog -
Here is your link for a printable card at Your next stop is Vicky's Blog.

If you get lost the Birthday Girl, AKA The Design Girl, AKA Danielle's blog is here

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sneak Peak For River~Rose

Don't you just love Mondays? Well, ok,most people will say no...but on River~Rose's blog Monday means entering to win something free and fabulous Wink So, Mondays are good again, right?! Here is the sneak peek coming September 10th:

Just click here to go to River~Rose's blog, comment on the post and check back Friday to see if you've won. Also, don't forget to stop by my FPD store and grab a grab bag or 2. You'll get 5 brand new products for only $3.00! One is 365 themed and one is
all CU. Have a great week and thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Of all the Harebrained Ideas!!!

I recently found a website where these really nice ladies were making foam board guitars. Of course I thought, "How Cute". Then I thought that I could probably make something like it for a fraction of the cost. (That is the thing with a Hybrid Addiction--It Cost you money and not the other way around).

Anyway, I have a nephew who is in the 7th grade. By most accounts I am not a very good auntie. We have always lived far away and haven't really ever bonded. So I was determined to make him something cool for Christmas. My sister tells me they have been updating from the little boy rooms that her sons had. We are an enlisted Air Force family with 4 kids, living on my husbands income so we aren't really known for giving expensive gifts.

Costco recently began printing a 20x30 poster in the store for $9. How cool is that? I had some black foam board that I bought a while back (on sale). So I got my digital goodies from River Rose Start a Band, made my layout in PSE, and sent the sucker to print. Drove across town (gas ain't cheap) and picked it up.

Then I used a spray adhesive (yucky nasty stuff-and since the wind was blowing I did it in my house-and I won't even explain those ramifications).

Then I got my husbands blade cutter and put a gouge in our floor (did I mention we live in base housing?). So my horrified, but wonderful husband drops what he is doing to help me out and finish the job before I can do more damage. The cutting of the Guitar went ok, but we quickly learned that all the cuts that I had on the drum set were not going to happen. So I had to redo my layout and fill in all the parts I had planned to cut to black. Then I had to go to back to costco and spend more money and gas.

But I couldn't abandon my goal, even though at this point I knew I should. Basically my husband had to finish what I started, which happens a lot--God, love him. But here it is........You know I didn't save a dime, wasted most of my weekend, found out I should have just supported the nice internet ladies making the foam guitars, kept my hubby from studying. Now I am just waiting to hear from my sister that my nephews hates guitars. So do you think I learned a lesson? Umm, NO WAY!!! As I said before I am compelled to make things my own way, and I am just fortunate enough to have a husband who understands that the mess I make, makes me happy!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mini Book with a Tutorial

River Rose at Funky Playground Designs just released a precious kit found here I created this little book using just one regular piece of paper.
This is what it looks like out of the printer
Steps during creation
And a how to drawing. River Rose gave it away in her last newsletter. Head over to her blog